Camp Lo: I Love It Then

As produced by Ski Beatz...

Sampled from Stevie Wonder's: Send One Your Love 12" (Motown ,1979) which reached #4 on the Billboard pop singles chart in 1979 and was the leading single off Wonder's Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants (Polygram, Oct. 30, 1979), which was principally an instrumental album.

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The Empire Strikes Barack

+The Dark Side

Time Lapse Painting

New job and thusly less time…
Enjoy art, it’s a many a steps from work unless it is your work…
Incredible ever changing collaborative work of art with the art of work removed...

Peace to Air Rift for bringing this one to my attention.



EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z Establishes Trust for Sean Bell's Children

AHH: Published Friday, May 02, 2008 12:15 PM, Edited by Fulsome:

Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter has established an educational trust for the for the children of Sean Bell.

Sources have confirmed with AllHipHop that Jay-Z is working closely with Nicole Paultre Bell, Sean Bell's widow, to institute the trust funds for both of their children.

Nicole Bell appeared prominently in Jay-Z’s Rocawear I Will Not Lose advertising campaign with images that caused indignation within the NYPD's Benevolent Association.

A well-informed source close to the matter told AllHipHop that Nicole Bell’s lawyers didn’t want to initiate any activity during the trial.

Typically, a trust fund is regarded as a long-term, profitable program that can provide significant monies that vest when a child becomes an adult or graduates from college.

They can also become available at a designated point in the future. Trusts, educational or otherwise, are generally set up in the child's name, by their parents or others close to the child.

Now that the trial is over, Jay-Z will resume his efforts for the children of Sean Bell in the form of a stock-based trust fund.

Artist that disagree with the verdict include: The Game, David Banner, Swizz Beatz, Talib Kweli, Styles P, Jadakiss and Mos Def.

Ryan Leslie Plays Over Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" on SIRIUS

Why waste time with laborious verbose illustrations? Thusly, Holmes is Dumbnice!!!

Ryan Leslie (RL) grew up was all over the western United States moving frequently his parents were ministers in The Salvation Army. While attending public school in Stockton, California at age 14 RL found out his parents were moving once again. Rather than having to attend a fifth school, RL decided to finish his sophomore year and then enroll in college. RL took the SATs and received a perfect score of 1600.
Leslie attended Harvard University in the fall of 1994 at 15 years old and graduated at the age of 19 with a degree in Government and Economics.
He now lives in Harlem, New York.

Ryan Leslie (RL) was 19 in the below article. The studio featured in the photo was in the basement of RL's college dorm. RL claims that he was stunned that The Harvard Crimson (THC) wanted to feature him in the school paper for THC's graduation issue. If you've seen any of RL's on-line videos you'll notice that he's still producing the same way.

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