The curative force in psychotherapy - man's tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities...to express and activate all the capacities of the organism. ~Carl Rogers

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Darcus Howe & David Lammy #Londonriots


Darcus Howe is a writer and broadcaster.

Howe organized the 20,000 strong Black People's March in 1981 claiming official neglect and inefficient policing of the investigation of the New Cross fire in which 13 black teenagers died.


0hbliv - "RawOasis" Beat Tape

0hbliv released the refreshing instrumental "RawOasis" on Jul. 22, 2011; yet, it wasn't until yesterday that I was fortunate enough to enjoy the euphony of this project.

According to 0hbliv RO is:

A few previously released Soundcloud favorites plus one.

0hbliv's songs are unassuming.  Each is long enough to inspire another listen both now and later.

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VIDEO: Afro Sheen Ad 6

Use Afro Sheen wherein "The Hawk" = inclement weather

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100 Akres - "The Blankety Blank Beat Tape"


Do the knowledge, decode these euphonious algorithms.


Amenta | "LIVE4EVER" Daisuke Tanabe Remix


Sesame Street: Listen My Brother - "Counting Song"

Listen My Brother is the name of a musical ensemble that performed several times on Sesame Street during its early seasons.

The ensemble was made up of 16 youngsters from New York City, as a means of bringing talented young people from Harlem together and seeking out scholarships to send them on to college.

The group was put together by Peter Long of the Apollo Theater. His wife, Loretta Long, plays Susan on the series.

One of the members of the group was Luther Vandross, who sang lead vocals on "You Gotta Learn".



Sesame Street x Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s Sesame Streets f. Robert De Niro as Big Bird

*"In a world so familiar, some secrets just can’t stay hidden."

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Alphabet Soup - Girl You Got a Grip | Sample Breakdown

My A to the former Q:

There are two loops at the end of GYGAG they are:

There are at least thirteen other samples in GYGAG.  

I doubt if I'll disclose more relative the samples in this song yet this question has arisen before - so here it is...

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Steele | Knives Are Out for Palin

Did Michael Steele and Bill Maher just agree on something? Indeed: The former RNC chairman and comedian found common ground discussing Sarah Palin's confounding response to the State of the Union address.

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Jaylib | Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme)


Jaylib - Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme)

From the Madlib Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi Music here is a track from Madlib & J Dilla from their never-realized second album.

Jaylib was formed in 2002 as Madlib + Dilla recorded separately in Los Angeles + Detroit. Their one album, Champion Sound, was released in 2003.  When J Dilla moved to Los Angeles, he, Madlib + J Rocc began doing shows together as Jaylib, performing together for the first time at the Madvillain record release party in April 2004.

Madlib + Dilla collaborated primarily through the exchange of beat tapes, occasionally reworking each others material, or chopping the same beat in a kind of recorded call-and-response.


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Remembering Run Run Shaw


I just tumblr'd a short on Run Run Shaw; consequently, I visited RRS's YouTube page + watched many of my childhood favorites.

Below are a few:


J Period + Black Thought Present "The Live Mixtape" (Illadelph Edition)

100 Akres | The Janet Jackson Beat Tape [Update]


Finally, giving this mix a spin (listen).

Review forthcoming.


The percussion on "Wait B*tch" will encourage rain dancing in hurricane season.

The Clyde Stubblefield - "Funky Drummer" drums in "Pleasure 4 Janet" caught me by surprise - producers haven't touched these staple drums is ages. The drums are hard and push this R&B nugget to its extreme.

"Control Me" is what I come to know as signature 100 Akres - Hip-Hop overtones with Caribbean Caribana festive touched drums and ambient electro-funk that waft like kites in beach wind.

"ThinkofWHO" is the "digital confetti" that expositions, whether or not this Beat Tape keeps you on your feet throughout your listen or not, that 100 Akres is "dumb-nice".

In total, the short length of this Beat Tape along with the four weaker songs I didn't comment on left me wanting more of 100 Akres' interpolations of JJ.

Be it as it may, on balance, life is short and all else follows and throughout 100 Akres instrumentals will continue to blare from my speakers.

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Mndsgn + Devonwho | Episodes


Klipmode's "Episodes" by Mndsgn + Devonwho is a collection of instrumental shorts prod. btw. 2007 + 2010.

This post comes late, as I've been knowledgeable of this release for weeks, yet it comprises the only music I've played while driving this entire past weekend.


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Valhalla Rising | Movie Review


My accelerated movie review of Vahalla Rising:
  • Brutality = 10
  • Storyline = 5.5
  • Plot = 4.5
  • Speed (flow) = 4
  • Dialogue + 4.5.
"One Eye" is a great character.

The movie was too slow but intriguing enough for me to watch it in its entirety.

The slow pace of VR does at times work well in building intensity.

Overall VR had great potential but the story was mismanaged - defectively directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

However, I did like the tense contrast of Christianity (erection of crosses) vs. the elusive "primitives" and their marksmen stone-headed arrow archery (the stone-headed arrows rocked! (pun unintended))


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