Lando Calrissian x R. Kelly | Real Talk (Video)

Video by
Frankenseus, note the video includes Ackmena (played by Bea Arthur) from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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Reggae Legend Gregory Isaacs Passes Away at 59

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f1/Gregory_Isaacs_Negril.jpg http://posterscene.com/images/items/full/GregoryIsaacs.jpg

My GI posts are available on my Tumblr: 1 | 2 | 3.

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Geri Allen + Patrice Rushen w/ Special Guest Terri Lyne Carrington | Kennedy Center


Playing on two facing Steinway Grand pianos, Kennedy Center favorite Geri Allen shared the stage with R&B hitmaker Patrice Rushen ("Forget Me Nots").  They were joined by in-demand drummer Terri Lyne Carrington for a unique evening of music.

A jazz pianist, composer and arranger, Allen was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship Award for Music Composition in 2008 and the Kennedy Center's Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Award in 2010. The New York Times hails the Howard University alum as "a jazz pianist who dares to follow an unmarked road."

Multi-Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, composer and pianist Patrice Rushen (returning to the Center for the first time since 1996) has been praised for playing that is "stunning" and "consistently powerful" (Los Angeles Times).

World-renowned drummer/composer/producer Terri Lyne Carrington's ongoing appearances at the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival and music direction for the all-star concert Billie & Me have also secured her place as a Kennedy Center favorite.

Muppatrix | The Matrix | Muppet Version


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J Rocc | Stones Throw x SanDisk


Stones Throw has partnered with SanDisk for a J Rocc mixtape featuring Mayer Hawthorne, Dam-Funk, Koushik and others, many of which are new and exclusive. This mix is a free download at Wake Up Your Phone.


Jackobious | A Timeless Michael Jackson Mix


Michael Jackson's music lives in every second of the minute of the hour.

Timeless is he.

Timeless is his music.


01. The ARE + Dem Damb Jacksons - Intro
02. AFTA-1 + Cazeaux OSLO - Marvelous Magical Jackobious Son (A Sweaterless Suite) (A Reinterpretation of "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough" + "PYT")
03. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Demo)
04. Michael Jackson - Working Day And Night (Demo)
05. Michael Jackson - Starlight (Thriller Demo)
06. Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine (Demo)
07. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Home Demo)
08. The Jacksons - Give It Up
09. VA - You Can't Win f. Michael Jackson + (Crows) Derrick Bell, Kashka Banjoko, Roderick-Spencer Sibert + Ronald 'Smokey' Stevens
10. Jackson Five - Don't Let Your Baby Catch You
11. Michael Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine
12. Michael Jackson - Everybody's Somebody's Fool
13. The Jacksons - This Place Hotel AKA Heartbreak Hotel
14. VA - Human Nature f. Marcela Mangabeira
15. Michael Jackson - People Make The World Go Round
16. Jackson Five - Lookin' Through The Windows
17. Michael Jackson - Up Again
18. Michael Jackson - Maria (You Were The Only One)
19. VA - I Can't Help It f. Deco Fiori
20. The ARE + Dem Damb Jacksons - ARE Outro

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Paul Jackson x Mike Clark p. 1 & 2 + The Headhunters: Winterland


These videos of Paul Jackson + Mike Clark of The Headhunters improvising define "musical genius".

While disrespectful to the philosophical foundations of mathematics this duo is better than you favorite quintet (2 > 5).

Nik Holmes | Granny Grimm's Book of Ghoulish Grammar

Granny Grimm's Ghoulish Book of Grammar is a weekly artistic experiment by artist Nik Holmes that explores the world of horror films — It, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream — one slant, alphabetic pictogram at a time.

Entries premiere every Thursday at noon at Strange Kids Club.

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Beat-Maker-Beat (BMB) AKA Space Kid | MacroKosmos


Friday perfect!

Experimental, spacey ambiance of dubstep jabbed with real-time, well-timed, electro/future-jazz constituents bound by the bravado of hip-hop drum bounce glue.


Do the math.

MacroKosmos = d/l.

 <a href="http://spacekid.bandcamp.com/album/macrokosmos">'MacroKosmos' by Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid</a>

*Fir(1)st spotted at Moovmnt .

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@yasboogie Twitpic


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How Michael Jackson Saved Sesame Street


For all of the musical parodies that Sesame Street produced, very few of them resembled the original song enough to warrant legal action.
In the early 1980s, the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW) was sued for $5.5 million by the Northern Songs, owners of the Beatles catalogue, who said the song “Letter B”, performed by the Sesame Street Beetles, had the unfortunate distinction of being too similar to the original “Let It Be.”


100 Akres | The David Bowie Beat Tape



This beat tape's caliber measures cavalier.

<a href="http://beattape.100akres.com/album/the-david-bowie-beat-tape">The David Bowie Beat Tape by 100 Akres</a>

+100 Akres | The Whitney Houston Beat Tape. Image        Hosted by ImageShack.us

Colonel Red/Marvin Gaye | Holla/Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)


A Marvin Gaye, timeless, 'Inner City Blues' cover.

CR, fir(1)st introduced to me by my sister fiv(5)e + years ago, sings over a rather monolithic bounce and relies on his raspy soul-filled cadence to paint the wretchedness of todays earth.

Remixes forthcoming by Roman rauch & Philta + Om Unit, keep your ears open.

<a href="http://colonelred.bandcamp.com/track/holla">HOLLA by Colonel Red</a>

*Fir(1)st spotted at Moovmnt

**Words sourced at Ampsoul; reworded by yours truly.

+The master...

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Sifl + Olly | United States of Whatever



I've been down w/ S + O since their MTV premier.

Fir(1)st spotted by Furthermucker. Image        Hosted by ImageShack.us


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