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Gap Mangione is the older brother of Chuck Mangione. During the 1960-65 period, the two Mangiones played together regularly in the bebop group the Jazz Brothers, recording three boppish albums for Riverside from 1960-61. When the band broke up, Gap stayed in Rochester, leading his own trio: Tony Levin-Bass/Steve Gadd-Drums).
I offer Gap's familiar 'Boy With Toys' featuring Tony Levin and Steve Gadd off the Diana In The Autumn Wind (GRC/Josh, 1968/2003) album as the musical accompaniment for today's accosting affair.

The Word of the Day for March 20, 2007 is:
perforce \per-FORSS\ adverb
: by force of circumstances

Example Sentence:
Lorel and Curt's tiny vineyard produces a limited quantity of top-quality chardonnays that are perforce rather pricey.

Did you know?
English speakers borrowed "par force" from Anglo-French in the 14th century. "Par" meant "by" (from Latin "per") and the Anglo-French word "force" had the same meaning as its English equivalent, which was already in use by then. At first, "perforce" meant quite literally "by physical coercion." That meaning is no longer used today, but it was still prevalent in William Shakespeare's lifetime (1564-1616). "He rush'd into my house and took perforce my ring away," wrote the Bard in The Comedy of Errors. The "force of circumstances" sense of "perforce" had also come into use by Shakespeare's day. In
Henry IV, Part 2, we find ". . . your health; the which, if you give o'er to stormy passion, must perforce decay."


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