I'm bee-beaver-busy. My mind "juices" masseuse is the sinuous romping of Magnum's NJs.

Magnum: Natural Juices
From: Fully Loaded (Phoenix, 1974)

*Muscular beaver (top right)- "The Angry Beavers" was launched April 19th, 1997, well after the Nicktoons line up had established itself. Created by Mitch Schauer, "The Angry Beavers" was basically geared around Norbert and Daggett's sibling rivalery because Norbert's cooler-than-thou, laisse faire attitude and Daggett's stick-in-the-mud dorkiness didn't often gel. Further still, Daggett's tendency to attempt to over achieve, and fail, not only drove his brother up the wall, but at points the rest of the creatures in the forest as well. Whether it was Daggett attempting to be the best forest ranger he could be (inciting a riot among the forest creatures by banning everything fun and paving the forest over in linoleum,) or whether it was pestering everyone via his persona as Muscular Beaver (some people just don't how to save the day,) Dag was often being neurotic and annoying, sometimes intentionally, which at points incited Norb to match said level insanity just to bring Dag back around to reality. The end result of this was some great humor with the occasional obscure reference or parody adding some extra flavor as well


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