L7's of the World: "Yes, So What!!!"

Rick James: Bustin’ Out (On Funk)
From: Bustin' Out of L Seven/ American Pimp OST (Motown/ Shout Factory, 1979/ Sep. 21, 2004)

Per YouTube vid:
They are famous for chicken wings, a terrible football team and Rick James…

Rick James:
There was some women in the shower together
So What!!!
There was a women cutting another women’s hair in the living room
So What!!!
There was thighs and buttocks being shown [emphasis on words per Rick's enunciation]
So What!!!
There were two women fondling each other gently caressing each other hands in the video
You’re too straight for it?!
Then don’t watch it!
Turn the TV off!!!

Song Review:
Rick James (born James Ambrose Johnson, Jr) (February 1, 1948 – August 6, 2004) took the world of funk music by storm by adding a bad-boy attitude to the music that gave it the sleazy thrill of feral rock and roll. Unfortunately, the colorful image he cultivated often overshadowed his musical skills but a close look at his classic work reveals plenty of talent beneath all the posturing. A good example is "Bustin’ Out," an anthem to the party life that boasts a surprisingly complex musical backing. The lyrics are a fantasy where Rick James offers to help listeners break out of "this L-7 square" with his music. It’s built around the catchy refrain of "We’re bustin’ out on the funk/We’re bustin’ out on some serious funk" and also throws in a few of his typical references to marijuana: "Well, all right you freaks, it’s time you smoke/Fire up this funk and let’s have a toke." The music plays against expectations by pairing high-energy verses to a slinky low-key chorus instead of vice versa. Rick James’ recording takes this straightforward song into a new dimension by giving it a complex arrangement that layers on plenty of funk music ear-candy: jazzy horn charts swing in and out of the melody, burbling bass licks and thunderous power chords duel with the main melody and sudden chants of "la-la-la" pop up near the end that are underscored by slithery synthesizer lines. James holds this diverse collection of sounds together with an exuberant vocal that testifies gospel-style on the verses but stretches out its notes in a seductive style on the slinky chorus. The end result was probably a little too funky for the pop charts (it peaked at #71) but it became an impressive top-ten hit on R&B charts, thus solidifying James’ mastery of the style he dubbed "punk-funk."

* L-7/L7 - a square (combine the "L7" and it forms an obtuse square (rendering it simply a polygon) of sorts : a square is a cornball. Cornball's root is corny
*R.I.P. Rick James


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