MdCL: The Politik

Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL) Myspace blog entry: Thursday, July 26, 2007:

Yo Fam:
The Politik album drops in a week's time! Bembe and I are well excited about finally having the album see the light of day (and dark of night!) and getting the sounds out there ... Check out the sneak preview mixtape ...

Bembe Segue/MdCL collabo project The Politik - album preview mixtape:

About MdCL:

'... the man behind a million great tunes' - Gilles Peterson/Radio 1 Worldwide [UK]

'Call it nu-jazz, call it nu-house, call it future-jazz, in fact call it what you want, I'm sticking with the words awesome and genius' - Wax Magazine [UK]

'... a Herbie Hancock for the new millennium' - Montreal Jazz Festival [CANADA]

About MdCL by MdCL:

I'm a producer, beat maker and keys player, one half from NZ and the other half from Japan living in West London. Music's been my thing the whole way since starting on the piano when I was 4 - growing up through classical, then jazz and the beats. Now it's all come full circle and the music keeps on getting twisted up more and more - broken beat, spacefunk, 21st century soul, cosmic hip hop, whatever you want to call it :) I've been fortunate to collab in different forms with a lot of great producers and artists - Restless Soul, DJ Spinna, Dego (4Hero), Jody Watley, Lauryn Hill, Bugz in the Attic, Kenny Dope/MAW, Wajeed/PPP, Pino Palladino, Bembe Segue, Omar, Jazzysport, Joe Clausell and plenty more... people who all have great beat and music sensibilities and we can knock heads and come up with something unique together.

The new album JOURNEY 2 THE LIGHT will be out Summer 2007 on Freedom School Records out of Japan... hope you get to check it, hope you dig it. My other main projects at the moment are THE POLITIK with Bembe Segue, FREESOUL SESSIONS - a fully improvised beat head experience and UNIVERSAL SUN with Chris Cox . Check them out (and other friends n fam) in my Top 8.

Free Download - The MdCL album Six Degrees. Written, recorded, produced in New Zealand Dec 1998 - Feb 1999 after a year long trip around the world visiting the musical hotspots of Cuba, NYC, London and Tokyo. Released in NZ May 1999 and worldwide on CD and 2LP May 2000. Just a shame it's so damn hard to find now... Enjoy! :) Read the story behind the album...

Free Download - The only official remixes from the Six Degrees album were handled by Phil Asher (Restless Soul) and DJ Spinna. Spinna's mix was licensed to the Cafe Del Mar series and sold over 700,000 copies worldwide.

REMIXERS: Download the vocal and flute parts for Day by Day from Six Degrees and post your remixes online!

lick the tapes for downloads:

+ MdCL I Chris Cox I Antipodean Records


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