Al Green: You Got The Love I Need (Demo)


Al Green:
You Got The Love I Need Ft. The Randy Watson Experience (?uesto +James Poyser) (Demo)
Lay It Down (Blue Note, May 27, 2008

Below excerpt courtesy of OSN's recount:

The four-piece band, The Randy Watson Experience, was in between songs. ?uestlove sat isolated in a drum room. James Poyser sat comfortably at the same organ Stevie Wonder used on the Music of My Mind album. Adam Blackstone stood across from James with his bass slung over his neck. The late Chalmers “Spanky” Alford sat in a chair near the door leading from the studio to the control room.

I looked around for the Reverend Al Green, but I couldn’t see him. I could hear him talking through the monitors though. I stood up to look over the mixing board and through the window. He was standing in the vocal booth. I think he may have been jotting down some lyric ideas or something.

At this stage in the project, Al’s new album was going to be a duets album, and ?uestlove was just going to produce a song or two. Fortunately, ?uesto had something else in mind.

For the next 3-4 hours, I watched and listened as 8 demos were recorded, mostly with Al freestyling lyrics off of the top of his head. 7 of the songs made it to the album in finished form, including “You Got The Love I Need.”

The above link is exactly what was recorded that night… Compare it to the released version.


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