Monday Jazz 101: Paul Pre | July

Although Mondayjazz is on vacation until Sep. 28th I do not afford their mixes a holiday.

The first mix I was introduced to was the July mixed by Paul Pre | mp3 (192kbps):


01. Erik L - Never Fall in Love
02. Fatima - Do i know you? feat. Cohen, Cuthead & Dorian Concept
03. Reggie B - Belief
04. CHIEf - AMIGA_500.1.6
05. Sir OJ - Lazy Chase
06. Elaquent - Graffiti High
07. Unknown
08. Harrison Blakoldman - Bionik Love
09. Unknown
10. Flying Lotus - Heat Wave 2
11. Yoggyone - Preparation
12. Stevo - untitled968
13. Hi-res - He'lyin
14. Harmonic 313 - No Way Out
15. Duktus - Love Dat
16. Griffi - Belleza Interior
17. fLako - Free Radicals
18. Samiyam - Blam
19. Super Smoky Soul - Geek Beat
20. Karriem Riggins - 12's In 8
21. Dorian Concept - The Marshmellow Secret
22. Afta-1 - Tiden Flyver remix
23. Pursuit Grooves - Spaces like this
24. Flying Lotus - Gumdrop
25. fLako - Untitled2
26. B. Bravo - Computa Love
I encourage you to explore the other mixes too. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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