Bilal x Malcolm X | By Any Means Necessary


Paying homage to Civil Rights leader Malcolm X's iconic pose where he was looking out from behind a window curtain with a rifle [M1 Carbine] in hand, Bilal redoes it with a soulful twist. Mr. Oliver's weapon of choice is a microphone, however, and he's peering out from behind a heavy red curtain, the kind that you might find on a stage. This imagery and the meaning held therein is quite powerful and just as revolutionary.

This isn't the first time that an artist has recreated Brother Malcolm's militant stance on an album cover. The artwork for Boogie Down Productions' 1988 classic By All Means Necessary shows KRS-One in the same pose holding a semi-automatic.

In an interview with Beats, Boxing and Mayhem Bilal explains, “The concept is getting my art out by any means necessary. Even through all the pitfalls, the dark side of industry and the bullshit you go through.”

Bilal continues, “I’m going to get it out in the manner it should be; not watered down or anything against how I want it. That photo is a reminder of that. It’s uncut, raw music that I’m putting out. And I’m willing to do whatever to get it out.”

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