Jaylib: The Mission (Stringed Out Remix)
Champion Sound (2 - CD Deluxe Reissue) (Stones Throw, June 19, 2007)

In 2003, J Dilla was better known as Jay Dee, a Detroit producer who shunned publicity but was widely respected in hip-hop; Madlib was an up-and-coming L.A. producer making a name for himself with his wild diversity, from rap (Quasimoto) to electronic jazz (Yesterdays New Quintet) to remixes (Shades of Blue (Blue Note, 2003)).
At the time of Champion Sound's original release in late 2003, J Dilla and Madlib had never been photographed together or appeared as a group in public. In the years that followed, this changed drastically – after Dilla's move to Los Angeles, the two worked together, communicated through hip-hop beat tapes, and toured together as Jaylib. Madlib's profile rose with his MF DOOM-collab Madvillain (soundscan 93k). J Dilla, though dealing with a serious illness, continued crafting material for artists such as Common and Busta Rhymes while working on a wealth of solo material. Dilla's final albums – Donuts (Stones Throw, 2006), The Shining (BBE, 2006) – along with the re-issue of Ruff Draft (Stones Throw, 2007) have introduced his name and music to countless new fans while publications from The Source to Rolling Stone paid respect to his musical genius.
Many felt that Champion Sound wasn't given the attention it deserved when it was originally released. In preparing the album for reissue with b-sides, instrumentals, and later photos of the group, Madlib quietly presented the label with a collection of new Jaylib remixes. These 9 remixes, together with b-sides and the instrumentals - 43 tracks in all - are collected in this deluxe 2-CD set, selling for the same price as the original Champion Sound CD, delayed in the pressing, slated for June 12, 2007, are collected here together for the first time in this deluxe 2-CD set.

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Track List:
Disc 1:
1. L.A. to Detroit
2. McNasty Filth, feat. Frank-n-Dank
3. Nowadayz
4. Champion Sound
5. The Red
6. Heavy
7. Raw Shit, feat. Talib Kweli
8. The Official
9. The Heist
10. The Mission
11. React, feat. Quasimoto
12. Strapped, feat. Guilty Simpson
13. Strip Club
14. The Exclusive, feat. Percee P
15. Survival Test
16. Starz
17. No Games
18. Raw Addict - Prev. Unreleased on CD
19. Pillz - Bonus Track

Disc 2:
1-9 Prev. Unreleased
10-24 Prev. Unreleased on CD
1. Da Rawkus (Sir Bang Version)
2. The Official (Rap Circle Mix)
3. Heavy (Chronic Mix)
4. Optimos for Dilla (Interlude)
5. Survival Test (Rasta Dub Remix)
6. Champion Sound (Remix)
7. The Mission (Stringed Out Mix)
8. One for Dilla (Interlude)
9. Strapped (Four-4 Mix)
10. McNasty Filth (Instrumental)
11. Nowadayz (Instrumental)
12. Champion Sound (Instrumental)
13. The Red (Instrumental)
14. Heavy (Instrumental)
15. Raw Shit (Instrumental)
16. The Official (Instrumental)
17. The Heist (Instrumental)
18. The Mission (Instrumental)
19. React (Instrumental)
20. Strapped (Instrumental)
21. Strip Club (Instrumental)
22. The Exclusive (Instrumental)
23. Survival Test (Instrumental)
24. Starz (Instrumental)

Play “The Message” courtesy of the Analog Giant and unbosom where you can still get a copy of the original 2003 release (sans remixes).


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