Paul Jackson x Mike Clark p. 1 & 2 + The Headhunters: Winterland


These videos of Paul Jackson + Mike Clark of The Headhunters improvising define "musical genius".

While disrespectful to the philosophical foundations of mathematics this duo is better than you favorite quintet (2 > 5).

This is a twitter find.

A find that drained my phone's battery from repeat1 play of "Part 1" .

Thank you @gillespeterson + @simonberg.

+The Headhunters Concert Winterland (San Francisco, CA)

Mike Clark - drums
Paul Jackson - bass, vocals
Bennie Maupin - saxophone, clarinet
DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight - guitar, vocals
Bill Summers - percussion

The lineup here features the musicians that appeared on Hancock's follow-up to Head Hunters, 1974's Thrust, with new drummer, Mike Clark, as well as guitarist DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight, whose guitar-playing would appear on Survival of the Fittest the 1975 Hancock-produced Headhunters LP that features three of this set's four songs. This show, running just under 40 minutes, came shortly after Survival's release. All the elements herein make for a deep space-funk melting of the mind: McKnight, who would also feature on Hancock's Man-Child and Flood  releases later that year, contributes lead vocals and lead guitar on opener "If You Got It, You'll Get It," which quickly takes the show into heady, cerebral territory, where much of "Daffy's Dance" resides—fast with funky bass riffs and adventurous saxophone soloing. The one non-album cut is the third, untitled track, which is led by Maupin's saxophone and a simple guitar lick in a mid-tempo jam. Bass player Paul Jackson gives a spoken introduction to closer "God Made Me Funky," which also features his gruff, soulful vocal fronting the cheery strut of the instrumentation.

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